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Are you thinking about moving to Kapolei but you're not even sure where to start? Kapolei, Hawaii has been coined the second city on the island of Oahu. According to Niche.com there are over 46,000 residents that call Kapolei home. It's great there's a lot of great communities and a lot of newer homes but it may not be the place for you.

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Kapolei, Hawaii

Pros And Cons Of Kapolei


1. Kapolei Is Not Considered A “Big City”

In terms of what people often stereotype cities out to be Kapolei is not that. While being coined the second city of Oahu Kapolei does not fit the mold of a New York City or even Honolulu. 


Often times Kapolei is compared to Waikiki because of the name “the second city”. While Kapolei has lots of great development in the city and surrounding communities, it is more spread out and not full of high rise office and condo buildings. This may be one of the biggest differences between Kapolei and Waikiki. 


Kapolei does have it’s own business district, court house, etc. but it is a more spaced out city. 


2. Ko Olina Resort Area


Piggy backing off of the pro of Kapolei not being considered a “big city” like that of Honolulu. If you’re looking to be in a more city-like area that also has great beaches and amenities, Ko’olina Resort community is located under the Kapolei umbrella zip code of 96707. 


Ko’olina is a resort area consisting of top resorts, lagoons (beaches), a PGA Tour golf course, and a family friendly community of townhomes and single family homes. Resorts in Ko Olina are Four Seasons, Aulani - A Disney Resort, Beach Villas, and Marriott’s Ko’olina Beach Club. If you would like to learn more about the Ko’olina area you can head to their website here (http://koolina.com/accommodations/).


We also have a vlog tour of the Ko Olina Resort Area on our YouTube channel where we take you from the neighborhoods, through the shopping center, all the way to the beach and through Disney Aulani. You can watch that vlog tour here (YouTube.com/KoOlina-Vlog-Tour)


For families with young children that may be considering living in Ko Olina the area also has a pre-school available (https://www.seagullschools.org/)

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3. Amenities & Shopping In Kapolei

Kapolei offers a variety of shopping and dining options as well as amenities such as Ko Olina mentioned above. The newest mall on the island of Oahu, Ka Makana Ali’i is located in Kapolei. Designed more like an outdoor mainland outlet mall, Ka Makana Ali’i has tons of great big name stores as well as local businesses and options to eat. 


When it comes to big box stores in Kapolei there is Costco, Home Depot, Target, WalMart, and many more. The island waterpark, Wet N Wild, is located in Kapolei as well. 


From shopping to beaches, Kapolei has it all. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live here?

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4. Family Friendly Communities

It’s typically a good sign when you’re in a city or town and you see kids out and about riding their bikes and hanging out. This goes for Kapolei. It is one of Hawaii’s fastest growing cities and hottest housing markets due to it checking a lot of the boxes for families. 


A wide variety of single family home communities as well as condo/townhome neighborhoods can be found here. You will see tons of kids walking or riding bikes to and from school that live in nearby neighborhoods. 

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1. Kapolei Weather

Kapolei is located in what is known as the Ewa Plain. Mostly flat, with the exception of the Makakilo community, it is not considered to be mountainous such as Kaneohe. It is on the leeward side of Oahu.


Leeward Oahu is opposite of Windward Oahu. Windward Oahu is mountainous, cooler weather (especially in the winter months), and has beautiful tradewinds that blow in from the Pacific Ocean. The Leeward side is just the opposite. Facing away from the tradewinds. A little more flat, except for the Waianae mountains, and a little more dry. 


Generally speaking, most residents know Ewa Beach and Kapolei to be HOT! 

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2. How Far Is Kapolei To Waikiki?

This is a question we get a ton! Most people think of Waikiki when they think of Hawaii. That becomes their point of orientation. If you’re looking to be closer to Waikiki then Kapolei may not be the best place for you. 


On a good day without traffic you can expect approximately a forty-five (45) minute drive to Waikiki from most points of Kapolei. On a bad day with traffic, good luck!


3. Hiking In Kapolei

Or lack thereof. Other than the beaches Kapolei has to offer there is little to no hiking to be done. Unless you’re walking around the neighborhoods at the top of the Makakilo cliffs. You won’t be scaling to mountains or making your way to a scenic waterfall in this city. As we mentioned before, Kapolei is located in the Ewa Plain which was historically known as sugar cane plantation fields. 


If you’re looking to live in an area near more hiking adventures then you may be better suited for the east side or windward side of Oahu. If it’s not a necessity to be near the adventures you can always take a drive to them. Nothing is too far away on the islands!

Are The Schools Good In Kapolei?

First, let us all thank our teachers for everything they do in every school! “Good” schools is an opinion and due diligence is required. Click the button if you would like to learn more about schools in Ewa Beach.

Could be a Pro. Could be a Con.

There are those topics that can fall right in the middle an it really just depends on your point of view. Even for the pros and cons listed above. Some of those topics up for debate are…


1. Kapolei’ s rapidly growing

Some people may see this as a con because they want development to slow down or they think Kapolei has plenty to offer as it is now. Others may see this is an opportunity for more jobs and growth in the city.


2. Cost of living

Kapolei versus other areas islands tends to be more affordable. Which causes more people to consider calling the town home or already has more people flocking to it. In this case data already shows Kapolei and it’s neighbor Ewa Beach are two of the hottest housing markets on Oahu.


3. The Honolulu Rail Project

If you want a hefty debate then this is one for you! The “rail” has been an ongoing project for years that started in Kapolei. Thought to help alleviate Honolulu’s traffic problem if it could be completed. There have been numerous issues with the project. Some people believe it will do what it’s intended to do in creating less traffic for those commuting from one side of the island to the other. Others believe it’s a huge waste of tax payer dollars and the amount of people they think will ride it is not even close to reality. Nevertheless, a good debate!


You can learn more about the rail here (https://www.honolulutransit.org)


Questions About Living In Kapolei?


Is Kapolei right for you? Our team talks with people just like you moving to Kapolei, Hawaii and we absolutely love it. If you’re thinking about moving to Kapolei, or already living in Hawaii and need help finding the right place that best fits your lifestyle don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call, shoot us a text (we do not use chatbots, it’s really us), send us an email, or head over to our contact page and schedule an appointment, however you'd like to get a hold of us. We got your back when it comes to living in Hawaii. 


Learn more about Kapolei and watch our vlog tour here Living In Kapolei Hawaii


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