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Hawaii is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean that consists of eight major islands. The state has a unique culture and lifestyle that includes surfing, fishing, hiking, and relaxing on beautiful beaches. Learn about Hawaii Living and fitting in like a local. 

Find out what makes Hawaii unique

Hawaii is known as “The Aloha State” because of its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. It’s also home to some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, such as Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Crater, and Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.


Not only being the only state in the union that is an island (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaii), but numerous islands. In fact, resources show that there are more than 130 total islands in the Hawaiian island chain but we typically only refer to the 8 major islands. 


Believe it or not, of the 50 states, Hawaii is not the smallest state in terms of land area. It is the 8th smallest state in the United States and the 11th least populous state with approximately 1.4million people calling Hawaii home.

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Find out why Hawaii is called "The Aloha State"

Hawaii has been described as "the only place where paradise meets reality." It's also known as the "Hawaiian Paradise," because its climate and geography make it an ideal location for growing crops. Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean, with the islands of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Kaho'olawe being the main ones.


Being deemed the “aloha state” isn’t just for glam. It’s a way of life. 


Locals in Hawaii call it living the aloha lifestyle. 


If that is something that is still unclear maybe this comparison will help. 


The aloha lifestyle is something that can be compared to “southern hospitality.”


People being overly friendly. People you have never met before and will probably never see again being kind, genuine, and respectful. 


The aloha lifestyle really takes us back to the time of the golden rule. 

Learn About The History of Hawaii

A brief look into some of the history of Hawaii.


Hawaii was first inhabited by Polynesians who arrived between AD 300 and 1300. They were followed by immigrants from Asia, Europe, and North America. Today, there are approximately 1.4 million residents living in Hawaii.


The independent Hawaiian Kingdom had gone through a series of Kings and Queens before becoming a state in the union as of August of 1959. 

Moving To Hawaii?

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Learn About The Food And Drink of Hawaii

Hawaii is known as the “Aloha State” because of its warm hospitality and welcoming people. It’s also home to some of the world’s best coffee, so visitors should definitely try some! There are plenty of places to eat Hawaiian cuisine, such as poke (raw fish salad), lomi salmon (salmon cooked with coconut milk), and shave ice (a type of shaved ice).


Due to Hawaii being one the the true “melting pots” in the United States with cultures from all over the world bringing their cuisine to the islands there’s tons of amazing food. 


Here’s a few local spots I highly recommend checking out!


TripAdvisor has some amazing spots listed and we agree with some of their recommendations but not all of them. 


When it comes to breakfast there’s a few places that come to mind…

  1. Sweet E's Cafe in Honolulu
  2. MyCafe in Kapolei
  3. Cinnamon’s in Kailua


Depending on the area of the island you frequent you cannot go wrong with either of these 3 breakfast spots. 


When it comes to lunch and/or dinner here’s a few that you most certainly will want to look into. 

  1. Highway Inn in Kakaako
  2. Roy’s Hawaii
  3. Jolene’s
  4. Rainbow Drive-In for your local cuisine
  5. Monkeypod in Ko Olina


That’s only 5 but there are so many more!

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Discover the best places to live in Hawaii

If you’re looking to move to Hawaii, there are several cities where you can find affordable housing options. Honolulu has the highest number of homes available at $200,000 or less, followed by Maui County ($150,000) and Kauai County ($100,000).


Most of these homes available under the $200,000 price range will typically be your 1 bedroom condos or studios. 


Condo/Townhomes with 2 or more bedrooms and larger square footage will begin around the $400,000 price range. 


Single Family Homes with 3 or more bedrooms typically have a price range from $700,000 and up. 


Of course, location, size, and conditions are variables that always play a factor in the price of the home.


When it comes to the island of Oahu, HI here are some of the hottest communities people are flocking to.

  1. Kailua
  2. Hawaii Kai
  3. Mililani
  4. Kapolei
  5. Ewa Beach

There's so many reasons why people choose the community that is best for their lifestyle but the communities listed above are some of the hottest according to homes bought and sold as well as home value appreciation over the last few years.


Questions About Living In Hawaii?

Is Hawaii living right for you? Our team talks with people just like you moving to Hawaii and we absolutely love it. If you’re thinking about moving to Hawaii, or already living in Hawaii and need help finding the right place that best fits your lifestyle don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call, shoot us a text (we do not use chatbots, it’s really us), send us an email, or head over to our contact page and schedule an appointment, however you'd like to get a hold of us. We got your back when it comes to living in Hawaii.



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