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Did you know that Kapolei, Hawaii is one of the most desired areas for home buyers in Oahu? Ewa Beach and Kapolei have become the hot spots for local residents and people moving to Hawaii looking to buy a home.

Living In Kapolei, Hawaii

Kapolei Hawaii’s zip code is 96707. According to World Population Review there are over 21,674 residents living in Kapolei, HI. As we mentioned, it is one of the most sought after suburbs of Honolulu. It is also know for it’s hotter climate than most of the island. Kapolei is considered to be in the Ewa plain which covers a good amount of the leeward side of Oahu. Plain meaning no mountains. Flat, dry lands. There also used to be plantations throughout the plain. Now that sugar cane production has move overseas the plantations are gone and it  consists of golf courses, shopping centers and newer developing communities.

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The Weather For Kapolei, Hawaii

Kapolei weather is very similar to that of Ewa Beach. Kapolei Hawaii rests in the Ewa plain which is mostly flat until you head towards Makakilo (a small town in Kapolei) and the Waianae mountains. It can produce some of the hottest weather on the island in comparison to other sides such as Windward Oahu.


The rest of the island feels the natural air conditioning of the trade winds while the Ewa plain is more flat and dry. You can expect to experience 80 degrees and up weather year round.


If you live closer to the ocean near Ko’Olina resort area, in the winter you will experience a beautiful breeze and temperatures in the mid-60’s. As mentioned earlier, Makakilo provides a beautiful breeze year round as it sits upwards of 600 ft. in elevation. You will also have the benefit of amazing ocean views.

What is the zip code for Kapolei?

The zip code for Kapolei is 96707. This zip code covers the entire Kapolei area as shown on the map above. There are 2 USPS (United States Postal Service) offices in Kapolei. One of these office is located near barber’s point and the other located in the business district.

Moving To Hawaii?

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Golf Courses In Kapolei

There are 3 golf courses in Kapolei. Because the Kapolei is mostly flat, not surrounded by mountains with less trade winds which makes the perfect playing grounds for golfers. Here is a list of golf courses in Kapolei.

  1. Kapolei Golf Club
  2. Ko’Olina Golf Club
  3. Barber’s Point Golf Course
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How Far Is Kapolei To Honolulu?

Downtown Honolulu is approximately 22 miles East of Kapolei. If you are not aware of the major traffic problems we tend to have on Oahu then let me enlighten you. Heavy traffic in the mornings is usually from 6:00am - 9:30am traveling West (Kapolei) to East (Honolulu). As you can see i’m the map image below, without traffic it is approximately a 31 minute drive to get to Honolulu from Kapolei. In the afternoon heavy traffic is typically from 3:00pm - 6:30pm traveling East to West and pending any accidents or something that would cause traffic jams.

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Schools In Kapolei

Elementary Schools In Kapolei
  • Makakilo Elementary School | PK-5 | 493 Students
  • Hookele Elementary School | PK-5 | 873 Students
  • Barbers Point Elementary School | PK-5 |  540 Students
  • Mauka Lani Elementary Schoo | PK-5 | 623 Students

Middle Schools In Kapolei

  • Kapolei Middle School | 6-8 | 1,526 Students
High Schools In Kapolei
  • Kapolei High School | 9-12 | 1,996 Students
  • Island Pacific Academy | PK-12 | 680 Students | Private School**

Designations: PK= Pre School, ** = Private School. All information above directly from GreatSchools.org as of 10/6/2021

Are The Schools Good In Kapolei?

First, let us all thank our teachers for everything they do in every school! “Good” schools is an opinion and due diligence is required. Click the button if you would like to learn more about schools in Ewa Beach.

How Much Do Homes Cost In Kapolei?

With the ever changing housing market it is hard to put a pin in how much homes cost in Kapolei, Hawaii. We’ll address how much homes cost on average at the time of writing this article. The market is constantly changing so you may request an up to date market report by clicking the button below. 

Homes in Kapolei (as of 10/6/2021) on average over the last 90 days cost an average of $730,000. That consists of both single family homes and condo/townhomes. 

Condo/townhomes alone, on average over the previous 90 days have sold at $636,500. That is a 24.8% increase. 

Single family homes alone, on average over the previous 90 days have sold at $910,000. That is a 19.7% increase. 


Click the button below to receive an instant market report. Any county, city, neighborhood of Oahu that you are interested in. Feel free to reach out to our team if you ever have any questions.

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