PCSing To Hawaii With Pets

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Did you know that over 42,000 active military service members call Hawaii home. That’s over 10% of Hawaii’s population. Most have no idea what needs to be done before pcsing to Hawaii with pets. The video above covers everything you need to know about pcsing to Hawaii with pets.

Moving To Hawaii With Pets

Hawaii is a rabies free state. A small fact that most people moving to Hawaii with pets are not aware of. These very strict travel rules for pets is one of the biggest reasons why Hawaii remains rabies free. The process of pcsing to Hawaii with pets is not a simple one and one that you as the pet owner need to make sure you’re on top of. There could be traumatic consequences for your pet if you procrastinate.

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Procrastinating with this process could cause some severe consequences for your pet. Those severe consequences can include being quarantined for 120 days after arrival in Hawaii. This can be a very traumatic experience for a pet who is used to being around their parent on a regular basis. Feelings of abandonment and neglect may affect your pet. We are very passionate about this process and can’t stress enough NOT procrastinating when preparing your pet for a pcs to Hawaii.

pcsing to hawaii with pets, moving to hawaii with pets

1. Verification of Vaccinations

The first step in the process is verifying your pets vaccinations. If you are not sure if your pet has been vaccinated then you need to visit your local veterinarian for bloodwork and inform them about your PCS to Hawaii. Vaccinations need to be current and in compliance with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s timeline. The sooner you can bring your pet to your local vet the better.

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2. Microchipping Your Pet

If you are striving for a direct release from the airport upon your arrival or the 5 day or less quarantine program then you might want to consider getting your pet microchipped. According to the PCSing To Hawaii With Pets checklist provided by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, your dog or cat must have an electronic microchip implanted before the FAVN rabies antibody blood test is performed. (See checklist). The microchip must be working and have the correct number corresponding with documentation.

3. FAVN Tider Test

Once you are ensured that your pet has the correct rabies vaccinations and within the timeframe you’ll want to get your documents in order for submission. The right documents will need to be submitted with the right information at the right time. If you are late on certain timelines with the delivery of documents, your pet may be subject to quarantine. See the checklist provided by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Your pet must have been rabies vaccinated at least twice in it’s lifetime and the vaccination period must have been more than 30 days apart. If your pet is arriving in Hawaii within 30 days of it’s most recent rabies vaccination it will be subject to quarantine until the 30 days has passed.


4. Cost Of PCSing To Hawaii With Pets

PCSing to Hawaii with pets can begin to get expensive. According to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture “The U.S. Department of Defense may reimburse active duty military members with dogs or cats up to $550 per family for quarantine expenses. Military members should check with their command on whether this allotment is available to them.” The 120-day quarantine program costs $1,080 per pet. The 5 Day Or Less quarantine program costs $244 per pet. The direct release program costs $185 per pet. Click here for more on costs of pcsing to Hawaii with pets.


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5. Where is the quarantine facility on Oahu?

The address to the Animal Quarantine Station on Oahu is…

Animal Quarantine Station
99-951 Halawa Valley Street
Aiea, Hawaii 96701

This is where you will need to mail your documents as well as where your pet will be taken for quarantine upon arrival in Honolulu if not permitted for direct release from the airport.

Below is the link to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture website and resources for you to take action in your pcs to Hawaii. Click any of the resources to be directed to that particular page.

  1. Animal Quarantine - Home Page
  2. Rabies Quarantine - FAQ
  3. Forbidden Animals In Hawaii
  4. Hawaii Rabies Quarantine Brohcure & Checklist (as shown in the video)
  5. Island Pet Movers
  6. 5 Day Or Less Quarantine - FAQ


PCSing to Hawaii is one of the biggest moves most soldiers make in their career with the military. Our team is here to help. We hope this article was helpful and gave you the answers you are looking for. If you are moving to Oahu and need assistance feel free to reach out (CLICK HERE) day/night/weekends because we got your back when moving to Hawaii.

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