Pros And Cons Of Living In Hawaii

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Living in Hawaii seems like a dream for so many people. Over 1.4 million people are living that dream. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of living in Hawaii.

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1. Beautiful Weather Year Round

Hawaii is known for it’s tropical weather but most don’t realize how cold the winters really are once acclimated to the constant warmth. Summer’s can get scorching hot. Thankfully the ocean is never too far away to cool off. Winters in Hawaii is what can be surprising to most newcomers. The typical newcomers first winter in Hawaii is really warm compared to typical mainland winters. By the time they are here for their second winter and are acclimated, it is really cold! Winter temperatures get in the low 50’s (degrees) late at night and early morning. Especially if your close to the ocean. This is when everyone is bundled up in hoodies and sweats!


2. Going To The Beach Year Round

Going right along with the amazing year round weather report, this also means going to the beach all year. It is important to understand the seasons, the swells and the surf report. During certain seasons the waves are bigger around certain sides of the islands.


3. Adventures 

There is so many things to do in Hawaii and it is a different experience on each island. Yes. The things you see, do and experience on Oahu are going to be different on Maui, Kauai or any other island you might decide to move to. All offer amazing hiking trails, water adventures, and shopping experiences.

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1. Cost Of Living In Hawaii

It’s no secret that Hawaii is expensive. Just how expensive is it to live in Hawaii? Think about it like this. A good majority of consumer products are imported to the islands. It is expensive to import products. Therefor cost of goods from retailers goes up. A little more perspective...a gallon of milk costs more than a gallon of gas! While you may not need 16 gallons of milk at one time like you would gas, it’s a fun perspective on the cost of living in Hawaii.


2. Natural Disasters

Hawaii experiences natural disasters that no other state will. For starters there is an active volcano on the the Big Island of Hawaii. What other states have an active volcano? NONE. The Hawaiian islands often receive tsunami warnings due to high level earthquakes from other countries around the pacific. Another natural disaster that most don’t know we locals experience is hurricane season. Hawaii has a hurricane season just as much as Florida does.


3. Far Away From The Mainland

Living in Hawaii can keep you from seeing your friends and family on the mainland United States. While you are free to leave as you please, it is fairly expensive to travel round trip to the mainland. Especially if you are traveling with family. A typical flight from Honolulu airports to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) is approximately 5 hours. The tradewinds can also have an effect on flight times across the Pacific Ocean.

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