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Living in Hawaii seems like a dream for so many people. Over 1.4 million people are living that dream. Let’s go through one of the cities on the west side of the island, Waianae, Hawaii.

Living In Waianae, Hawaii

Are you considering moving to a Oahu and you have no idea where to start looking? Maybe you’ve come across an area on the west side otherwise will call Waianae. You notice that the homes are a little cheaper and just as close to the beach as homes on other areas of the island. So what is it about Waianae that makes it different from other areas of Oahu? We’re going to go over some of the areas in Waianae and on the west side of the island and if you watch the video above where I talk about some of the same things and take you through a home located in Sea Country which is a small community association in Waianae. 

Waianae is a city located in Honolulu county in on the island of a Oahu in the state of Hawaii. Waianae consist of over 10,500 people and nearly 3000 households. The average income of households in Waianae is approximately $46,000 a year. Referencing data from this source.,_Hawaii

Just to name some notable people that you may have heard of that are actually from waianae are Max Holloway, UFC featherweight champion; Deforest Buckner, NFL player for the Indianapolis Colts; Jason Momoa, actor; and Israel, Kamakawiwo’ole, musician. 

Let’s get to some of the sub city center located in Waianae up along with western coast of a walk. The Waianae coast consist of a 13 mile stretch from Nanakuli up to Mākua which is also just known as “The Coast.” 


One of the first little towns that you were drive-through as you’re heading up to Waianae coast is a town called Nanakuli. Nanakuli is a developing town with a brand new shopping center located to the right just as you were driving north of the coast. As you cruise around the bend You will enter a town called Maili.


This a small town that is host to the pillbox hike and the small community association with newer, modern, update homes called Sea Country. As you enter through Sea Country you will notice a large park and another small shopping centers for the local community.


After passing Maili you are then enter the actual city of Waianae. This is not a large city and only take you just a few minutes to get through. But being such a small city it is easy to commute through on foot to get where you need to go. Towards the northern portion of Waianae you will pass Pokai Bay on your left. Pokai Bay Is known for it’s amazing fishing spots. Great place for you to check out if you are a fishing type of person. 


The last small town as you had at the Waianae coast is going to be Makaha. Makaha may even seem larger than the actual city of Waianae itself. You can live very close to the beach in a high-rise condo or even a beachfront home. Or you can live in Makaha Valley, close to the mountains with amazing views and a beautiful ocean breeze. Makaha is also known for its world famous surfing beach called Makaha Beach. 

As you continue up the coast your drive around a mountainous area to your right which is known as Mauka Kea’au Forest Reserve. There’s a hike along this area known as Makua Cave that provides amazing sunset views of the coast. 

We hoped you enjoyed reading this article. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video then you may have missed out on some information on living in Hawaii. Check out the video and for more content head over to our YouTube Channel “LIVING IN HAWAII”. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!



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