Where are the military bases in Hawaii?

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Did you know that over 42,000 active military service members call Hawaii home. That’s over 10% of Hawaii’s population. Most have no idea where the military bases are in Hawaii before they move to Hawaii. The video above covers 8 military installations that you may be stationed at for your tour. Let me be your guide.

Military Bases In Hawaii

Military Bases In Oahu

There are over 14 military bases throughout the state of Hawaii and the United States Military has become one of the single largest employers in the state. Most of the military bases in Hawaii are located on the island of Oahu. Oahu being the main, and most populous island in the Hawaiian island chain. Along with the image below, we’ll cover where you may be getting stationed in Hawaii.

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Where is Schofield Barracks?

Schofield Barracks is a United States Army military installation located in central Oahu. It is known to be the most populated military base in Oahu. 

Being centrally located gives this military base ease of access to all points of the island. Schofield Barracks is also just a few miles away from the H2 highway traveling North and South through the center of the island. Two cities nearby Schofield Barracks are Wahiawa and Mililani.


Miliani is one of the more sought after locations for military service members PCSing to Hawaii because of its proximity to Schofield Barracks but also for military families. Mililani has been ranked to have some of the top schools on the island. (Search schools here: https://livinginoahuhawaii.com/schools-in-hawaii/)

Where is Wheeler Army Airfield?

Wheeler Army Airfield is centrally located on Oahu, Hawaii near Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, and Miliani. Much like Schofield Barracks, military service members not looking to live on post flock to Mililani for housing whether renting or buying a home. Learn more about Wheeler Army Airfield here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheeler_Army_Airfield)

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Where is Hickam Air Force Base?

Hickam Air Force Base is located on the Southern shores of Oahu and near the port of Pearl Harbor. Hickam AFB zip code is 96853. 


In fact, Hickam Air Force Base is shared with Pearl Harbor and is referred to as Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. These two military installations are near the Daniel K Inouye International Airport, numerous golf courses, and cities such as Salt Lake, Halawa, Aiea, and Red Hill. 


You will also find that Tripler Army Medical Center is not too far away from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Learn more about Hickam Air Force Base with this article from MilitaryBases.com: https://militarybases.com/hawaii/hickam/

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Where is the Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor Naval Station is located on the southern shores of Oahu and on the eastern side of the port. Pearl Harbor is also known as Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The Navy and Air Force on Oahu share a military installation. 


Pearl Harbor is also home to the Arizona Memorial, a historical piece from World War II and the battle of Pearl Harbor where the installation was attacked by the Japanese Army. It is also conveniently located near the Honolulu International Airport and downtown Honolulu heading east.

Where is the Marine Corps Base on Oahu?

With one of the most beautiful locations for military bases on Oahu the Marine Corps Base is located in Kaneohe Bay. Kaneohe is what locals refer to as the windward side of the island due to the nature of the trade winds from the Pacific Ocean hitting that mountainous side of Oahu. Kaneohe is known for its sandbar in the ocean along with it’s waterfall hikes in the mountains. 


It is also located near another beautiful city called Kailua. Home to one of the most famous beaches in the world, Lanikai Beach. Another great feature of this city is the ease of driving to the North Shore of Oahu from the East side. Some consider this the most amazing drive you can take as you head up the coast along the water.


Kaneohe provides a few different routes to venture out to Waikiki or the western side of Oahu. With about a 15-20 minute drive to downtown Honolulu by taking either the Likelike Highway or the Pali Highway. Hopping on the H3 can get military service members to town as well but more often used when heading to the west side of the island. 


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Where is Tripler Army Medical Center?

The BIG PINK HOSPITAL on the hill. LITERALLY! If you’re driving along the southern coast of the island you can’t miss it. Tripler Army Medical Center is located towards the eastern side of Oahu. Cities near Tripler include Salt Lake, Aiea, and Honolulu. Tripler is also home to the Spark M. Matsunaga VA Medical Center. Where military Veteran’s of Hawaii can go for Veteran medical services.

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Military Bases In Hawaii

PCSing to Hawaii is one of the biggest moves most soldiers make in their career with the military. Our team is here to help you navigate the military bases in Hawaii. We hope this article was helpful and gave you the answers you are looking for.


For more resources to help you with your PCS transition check out (https://www.militaryonesource.mil/). If you are moving to Oahu and need assistance feel free to reach out (https://livinginoahuhawaii.com/contact/) day/night/weekends because we got your back when moving to Hawaii.

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