Kaneohe, Hawaii

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Kaneohe, Hawaii is known for its luscious green mountains and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of it all vibe. Even with the amount of beautiful hiking it is not known to be a tourist hotspot. Watch the video in this blog for a tour of Kaneohe!

Living In Kaneohe, Hawaii

Wondering what it’s like to live in Kaneohe? According to niche.com Kaneohe, (Oahu) Hawaii is home to over 51,000 residents. A suburb of Honolulu, Kaneohe is not known to be a hot tourist destination. Many local residents and people moving to Oahu are seeking to call this town home. Lined with the Ko'olau mountains to the west and ocean coastline to the east, Kaneohe is a town that can check many of those boxes when looking for a place to call home. 

Where Is Kaneohe?

Kaneohe is located on what is known as the Windward side of Oahu. Geographically speaking it is on the east side of the island of Oahu, Hawaii. But all locals know it as the windward side. It sits just north of a more famous town called Kailua. 

Windward meaning facing the trade wind (https://oceanservice.noaa.gov). Trade winds blow across the ocean and where Oahu sits on the earth, trades blow into the north eastern facing side of Oahu. Hence, the windward side. This plays a big factor in terms of weather, for many when choosing where to live on the island.


Windward meaning facing the trade wind (https://oceanservice.noaa.gov). Trade winds blow across the ocean and where Oahu sits on the earth, trades blow into the north eastern facing side of Oahu. Hence, the windward side. 

Kaneohe Zip Code

Kaneohe, Hawaii zip code is 96744. Nestled on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii between Kailua and Kahalu’u. Kaneohe’s zip code is 96744, Kailua’s is 96734 and Waimanalo is 96795 respectively. If you’re searching for homes specifically in Kaneohe search the zip code to make sure it’s where you want to live.

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Kaneohe Weather

Get ready to experience a tropical climate all year round that can also produce quite a bit of rainy days during winter weather months. There’s a reason for that. Kaneohe is lined with green Ko’olau mountains. This town receives the most rain out of any other communities on Oahu. It can get chilly too. Especially near the beach. Have you ever worn a hoodie to the beach?


During December and January when it is typically cooler but a lot more windy you can experience temperatures in the 60 degrees and up during the early morning and later evenings by the beach. Perfect for kite surfing the day but be careful with choppy conditions. Check today’s weather conditions in Kaneohe with AccuWeather.

Golf Courses In Kaneohe

There are 3 main golf courses in Kaneohe. Bayview Golf Course, Pali Municipal Golf Course, and the Ko’olau golf club. Due to the weather conditions mentioned in this article, these can be some of the toughest courses to play. Depending on the time of year you could experience heavy winds and most likely a shower or two. If you are in the military or have access to Marine Corps Base Hawaii then you can enjoy a 3rd golf course in Kailua. The Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course is located on the military installation. Hawaii has lots of courses you can enjoy. To search more golf courses in Hawaii you can check out https://www.golfpass.com/.

Moving To Hawaii?

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Proximity To Waikiki

Waikiki is Hawaii’s premier destination. When living in Kaneohe locals typically avoid most of the terrible traffic when it comes to driving to Waikiki. There are more than a few ways for someone to make their way to Waikiki from Kaneohe but the two most common routes are using the Likelike Highway and the Pali Highway. These two routes can provide a smooth commute time of approximately 25 minutes each way. 

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Schools In Kaneohe, Hawaii

Elementary Schools In Kailua
  • Waihole Elementary | PK-6th | 90+ Students
  • Kahalu’u Elementary | PK-6th | 285+ Students
  • Ahuimanu Elementary | PK-6th | 288+ Students
  • He’eia Elementary | PK-6th | 425+ Students
  • Kapunahala Elementary | PK-6th | 550+ Students
  • Benjamin Parker Elementary | PK-6th | 316+ Students
  • Puohala Elementary | PK-6th | 271+ Students
  • Kaneohe Elementary | PK-6th | 640+ Students
Middle Schools In Kailua
  • Puohala Elementary/Middle | 7-8 | 750+ Students
  • Gov. Sam Wilder King Intermediate | 7-8 | 625+ Students
High Schools In Kailua
  • Castle High School | 9-12 | 1,100+ Students

    **Learn more about schools available in the Kaneohe area at niche.com

Designations: PK= Pre School, ** = Private School

Are The Schools Good In Oahu, Hawaii?

First, let us all thank our teachers for everything they do in every school! “Good” schools is an opinion and due diligence is required. Click the button if you would like to learn more about schools in Oahu, Hawaii.

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