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If you’ve been thinking about moving to Hawaii with your family, you probably have a ton of questions about local communities. What areas are the safest? Where are the best schools? Can we even afford those areas? We’re going to cover all of those questions and more to help you decide the best places to live for family in Hawaii.

Best Places To Live In Hawaii With Family

1. Cost Of Groceries In Hawaii

In general cost of goods are more expensive in Hawaii. When we're talking about things that you may need for your family such as milk, eggs, or if you have little ones and need diapers etc. Diapers are a lot more expensive. If you shop at Costco diapers can cost approximately $40+ depending on the size needed and amount in the box. Milk is above $5.00 a gallon especially if you’re living in one of the outer islands. Eggs typically cost $5.00 for a dozen but can also be more expensive on other islands such as Kauai. In general your cost of goods to feed your kids are going to be just a lot more expensive because majority of items are imported. Other than our local farms, fruits, vegetables, etc. Majority of items being shipped here is what drives up the cost of goods. 

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2. Is Pre-School Expensive In Hawaii?

There are states that offer free preschool. Hawaii's not one of those. The cost of preschool is something you will need to factor into your monthly living expenses.


One of the more popular preschools in the island of Oahu is going to be Seagulls Preschool. ( The cost for your child to attend Seagulls full time is a$1,000 per month. That is a cost you've got to incorporate in your budget.  There are also programs that offer payment assistance if you qualify. If you don't qualify for payment assistance then you're going to be looking at a hefty expense every month to send your kid to preschool. Watch the video above to find out what i loved about the Seagulls school my son attended.


Very IMPORTANT! If your child is born on or after July 31st and they are not yet five years old they have to enroll in the in the following school year. Read more here ( If your child turns 5 on or before that date they are then allowed to enroll in kindergarten for the next semester. My kids are both born in September so they turn 5 after this requirement and have to wait until the following school year to start kindergarten. 


3. Best Places To Live In Hawaii For Families

Mililani, HI (96789)

Mililani is known to be safe one of the safest areas and best areas for families to live on the island according to ( Both Mililani Mauka side and Mililani town side are ranked at the top. If you head over to our YouTube Channel - Living In Hawaii, we have a vlog tour taking you all around Mililani and it’s communities. Mililani is known to offer one of the top ranked schools for public education on the island of Oahu. 

Kailua, HI (96734)

Kailua is known to be one of the most beautiful communities on the island of Oahu. It also ranks at the top for families among most other categories. ( 


Kailua is also known to have highly regarded public schools from K-6, middle school, and High School. It being one of the more highly desired areas for families and young professionals looking to live in one of the more popular Honolulu suburbs. Kailua also offers a wide variety of family friendly outdoor activities. 

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Kapolei, HI (96707)

Kapolei, Hawaii is known as the 2nd city of Oahu. Kapolei is a developing city with lots of amenities and where the beginning of the Honolulu Rail is located.


Kapolei also offers a wide variety of styles of home and cost of living. There are lots of single family home and townhome communities offering newer more modern styles of living. The schools are not ranked as high as Mililani and some other areas but are still ahead of the rest of the pack. If you’re kids play sports Kapolei High School is also ranked highly for Soccer and Football. 

Ocean Pointe, HI (Ewa Beach Community, 96706)

Ocean Pointe is a community located in the city of Ewa Beach. Data shows that this community is one the fastest growing communities on the entire island because of it’s beautifully kept communities, development, and schools.


Here you will find newer modern style single family and townhomes ranging from the $400K up above the $1,000,000 price range. Elementary and Middle schools rank well in this area. The high school is James Campbell High School towards the back of Ewa Beach. It is not publicly ranked as high as some of the other public high schools on the island. Ocean Pointe is not a big city with lots of amenities other than a golf course and a shopping center. It is very neighborhood centric with a great family friendly environment. 

Hawaii Kai, HI (Honolulu Community, 96825)

Hawaii Kai is another community like Ocean Pointe. It is considered to be in Honolulu but local residents know it as Hawaii Kai. It is a community that may very well check all of your boxes in regards to best places to live in Hawaii with family. Located near a variety of outdoor activities and beaches. Lots of amenities and known to have great public schools right behind the like of Mililani. Also plenty of community sports such as baseball, soccer and basketball offered for children to participate in. 


Hawaii Kai also offers a wide variety of home styles. There are townhomes located right on the canal with their own boat dock, or single family homes up in the hills near the golf course. There may not be as many newer communities and the homes are not as new and modern as those in Ewa or Kapolei.

4. Does Hawaii Have Good Schools?

When it comes to public education and national ranks, Hawaii does not rank well. That is public data available that can be looked up. That is not to say that Hawaii does not offer great education to its keiki (kids). Schools in this article have already been discussed above but to reiterate…Mililani is known to be ranked at the top in public education followed by Henry J. Kaiser High School in Hawaii Kai. There are lots of great options when it comes to elementary and middle schools throughout the island. 

  1. Moving To Hawaii With Family

If you’re thinking about it or have already decided on moving to Hawaii with your family feel free to reach out any way you’d like. We’re here to support and answer all of your questions to assist you in making the best decision possible for your family.


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Are The Schools Good In Hawaii?

First, let us all thank our teachers for everything they do in every school! “Good” schools is an opinion and due diligence is required. Click the button if you would like to learn more about schools in Hawaii.



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