Moving To Hawaii In 2022

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9 Reasons Everyone Is Moving To Hawaii In 2022 And Beyond

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Can I move to Hawaii? With over 1.4 million residents Hawaii ranks in the top 20 of the United States in state population. (Wikipedia) What are the reasons people are moving to Hawaii now, in 2022 and beyond?

Why Are People Moving To Hawaii?

1. People Want To Get Away

In Hawaii the continental United States is referred to as the mainland. The mainland lifestyle couldn’t be more different than what living in the islands provides. Depending on the city and state of the person, often times people just want to get away from it all. And what better way to do that than to move to Hawaii.


Hawaii provides a slower paced lifestyle. In some cases a less crowded community. The general consensus is a more laid back style of living. A common saying in the islands is “no worries.” Meaning relax, it’s okay. The chill vibe of Hawaii attracts people from all over the world. 


Newcomers to the Hawaiian islands also get a taste of what we call island time. This also goes hand in hand with “no worries.” Island time also refers to the slower paced,laid back, lifestyle of living in Hawaii. 

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2. Working Remote In Hawaii

A lot of people would like to forget 2020 ever happened. But there was an interesting way in which certain business was able to be conducted. Working from home isn’t something new but became the way and has continued into 2021 and beyond. 


We talk with people from all over the world who were given the green light with their employer to work remote permanently. Also, with self employed individuals who conduct business online. Why not have your home office in paradise when you’re capable of working remote? That’s the mindset so many now have and are looking to work from home in Hawaii. 

3. Moving To Hawaii For Work

Many people are moving to Hawaii for employment. This context is referring to those who have already accepted a position with a company and are moving here to fill that role. An example of this is medical professionals such as nurses, and doctors. Nurses and doctors who apply for a position at hospitals here in Hawaii and get accepted are moving here to fill that position. 


This isn’t just for the medical profession. Many other professionals in a variety of industries are searching for job positions to secure before they make the move.Other industries such as government contractors, plumbers, electricians, developers, and many more.

4. Warmer Year Round Weather

It’s no secret Hawaii has a tropical climate. Those who are looking to be in a warmer climate year round love the weather Hawaii has to offer in the winter. If you’re not a fan of the cold  then this is applies to you. What they don’t tell you is how your body will adapt. We typically think of below a certain temperature and definitely snow indicates cold weather.


When you have lived in Hawaii long enough your body adapts to the climate change and your new version of cold weather is 60 degrees at night by the beach. That’s the perfect winter for those looking to for the warmer year round tropical climate. 

Moving To Hawaii?

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5. Moving To Hawaii For College

University of Hawaii is the most widely known college by those in the mainland United States. The University ( is a division I university offering a wide variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree paths for young aspiring adults. One of the most sought after programs being marine biology. Given the nature of Hawaii’s location it only makes sense. 


Other universities in the islands include Hawaii Pacific University (, Chaminade University of Honolulu (, and Kapiolani Community College ( 


Not all universities are created equal and some students often use the community colleges as a stepping stone to the bigger universities on their path to their degree.

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6. PCSing To Hawaii

Hawaii has over 15 military installations and not only a large active duty presence but also a lot of Veterans. Military service members receive orders of their next duty station in Hawaii and they will move to the islands or what is called PCS to Hawaii. (Permanent Change of Station). These orders are typically for a 3 year assignment (which is not “permanent”) before receiving orders to their next duty assignment. Many Veterans of the United States Military look to call Hawaii home upon the completion of their service.

7. Frequent Visitors Who Want To Make Hawaii Home

More often than not, the urge to plant roots in Hawaii all starts with a visitors first trip. Then the second trip to see parts of the island they didn’t see before or to discover another island. Now comes the 3rd trip to Hawaii to really look into communities and consider calling Hawaii home. It doesn’t always happen in that order but what we’re getting at here is Hawaii is easy to fall in love with. People often come back several times then decide they would like to make the full move to the islands and live life in paradise. We have people schedule their appointments with our team all of the time who often start the conversation off with, “we visit Hawaii a few times a year…” and now they’re ready to make the move. 

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8. Fell In Love With Hawaii’s Culture

You know when someone is talking about a place and they say the people there are just nicer? Hawaii is one of those places. In Hawaii it is often said to spread “aloha.” It’s almost the south’s version of southern hospitality. Be kind to everyone. Live aloha! 

This also goes back to an earlier point of a slower paced lifestyle. Don’t be in a rush. Don’t bring the rude city mentality to Hawaii. Look out for others. Living Aloha essentially boils down to the one rule we all learn as children, the golden rule.

9. Active Communities and OutDoor Lifestyle

The lifestyle Hawaii has to offer is like no other. If there was ever a place a person was looking to get outdoors year round it’s Hawaii. Individuals and families are often attracted to the islands because of the active communities and outdoor activities that are available any time.


It provides a different feeling when driving through a neighborhood to see people outdoors exercising, playing sports, walking and really just being outside no matter the time of year. That’s what Hawaii provides. The ability for families to get their kids outside on a regular basis and be involved in their community.

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Moving To Hawaii?

Moving to Hawaii does not have to be for one of these reasons. Many people from all over the world move to Hawaii for their own reasons. We talk to people every day and we absolutely love it! These are the top 9 reasons we have discovered why people are moving to Hawaii in our meetings.


If you’re thinking about moving to Hawaii you can reach out by shooting our team a text, giving us a call, or sending an email. However you want to get ahold of us. We got your back when moving to Hawaii!


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