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Best Places To Live Near Schofield Barracks

Schofield Barracks Hawaii

Did you know that over 42,000 active military service members call Hawaii home. That’s over 10% of Hawaii’s population. Most have no idea where the military bases are in Hawaii before they move to Hawaii.


There are over 14 military bases throughout the state of Hawaii and the United States Military has become one of the single largest employers in the state. Most of the military bases in Hawaii are located on the island of Oahu. Oahu being the main, and most populous island in the Hawaiian island chain. Below, and in no particular order, we’ll cover the best places to live near Schofield Barracks Hawaii. 


Where is Schofield Barracks?


Schofield Barracks is a United States Army military installation located in central Oahu. It is known to be the most populated military base in Oahu. 


Wheeler Army Airfield is centrally located on Oahu, Hawaii near Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, and Miliani. Much like Schofield Barracks, military service members not looking to live on post flock to Mililani for housing whether renting or buying a home. Learn more about Wheeler Army Airfield here:Wheeler Army Airfield


Being centrally located gives this military base ease of access to all points of the island. Schofield Barracks is also just a few miles away from the H2 highway traveling North and South through the center of the island. Two cities nearby Schofield Barracks are Wahiawa and Mililani.

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Mililani (96789)

Miliani  is one of the more sought after locations for military service members looking to live near Schofield Barracks. It checks a lot of the boxes for military families living off post. Mililani provides some of the top ranked public schools on Oahu as well as family friendly communities. Search schools here:


This community will also check your proximity to work box. Depending on where you live in Mililani you can typically expect approximately a 15 minute drive to Schofield Barracks. Don’t forget to account for gate traffic. This can add on to your commute time so always plan for heavy gate entry traffic. 


The cost of living can vary in Mililani based on a few different variables. The town is divided in two sides. Mauka side and Town side. Mauka side is the eastern side of Mililani, or on the right side of the H-2 freeway. Mililani town-side is known to have more affordable communities versus mauka-side. On average, and of course market dependent, single family homes in Mililani average a sales price around $900,000 while condo/townhomes avg. approximately $450,000. One must always factor in size, location, and condition as well. 


Mililani Town Center and Mililani shopping center provide local stores and big box stores for amenities and shopping. Town center is more of a strip mall style of center where you can find Starbucks, GNC, UFC Gym, and across from WalMart Supercenter. 


For the reasons mentioned above and many more Mililani is considered to be one of the best places to live near Schofield Barracks Hawaii. 

Ewa Beach (96706)

A rapidly growing family friendly community with newer, modern style homes available, Ewa Beach makes our list of best places to live near Schofield Barracks. One of the biggest priorities for military service members we talk to who are PCSing to Hawaii and being stationed at Schofield Barracks is the drive to work. 


While some want to be within 10-15 minutes of work, others let us know they are okay with a 25-30 minute commute to work daily. Ewa Beach along with Kapolei meets the 25 minute plus commute time to Schofield Barracks. 


While there are not a ton of big box stores located in Ewa there are a few different shopping centers and grocery store options available. Laulani Village Shopping Center being one of the newer shopping centers in Ewa providing the community with a Safeway Grocery Store, Safeway Gas Stations, two Starbucks options, GNC, Petco, City Mill, Ross, and more. 


The cost of living in Ewa Beach in terms of buying a home can range from $400,000 upwards of $900,000. The more affordable homestyles being condo/townhomes in communities scattered across Ewa Beach. If you’re looking for new homes you may want to consider Ho’opili by DR Horton located in Ewa. 

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Kapolei (96707)


Coined the second city of Oahu, Kapolei makes our list of best places to live near Schofield Barracks Hawaii for many of the same reasons Mililani & Ewa Beach are on this list. Oftentimes military families living off post have a list of criteria. Drive time to work, size and condition of homes, community amenities and shopping, and schools. Kapolei is a community near Schofield that will most likely check those boxes for military families. 


If you’re interested in learning more about schools in Kapolei click here to head to


The city of Kapolei is significantly larger than Mililani and Ewa Beach respectively, and therefore has more to offer its residents. It is home to the newest shopping mall on the island of Oahu, Ka Makana Ali’i, and various other strip malls. Also hosts to some of your favorite big box stores such as Costco, Home Depot, Target, and Walmart to name a few. 


Kapolei extends from the border of Ewa Beach up through the Makakilo hills, the base of the Waianae mountain range and up the west side through Ko Olina until you reach Nanakuli. The typical commute time from Kapolei to Schofield Barracks Hawaii is 25 to 35 minutes depending. Always account for gate traffic!

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Our team talks to so many people thinking about moving to Hawaii just like you and we absolutely love it! Click the button below or go ahead and shoot us a text by tapping this number: (808) 388-8710

Waialua (96791)


The Waialua (y-loo-ah) community may be the smallest community on this list of best places to live near Schofield Barracks Hawaii but may very well boast one of the premier locations. Waialua is located on Oahu’s north shore where Haleiwa is the biggest attraction.


Haleiwa is an old school style town where tourists flock for an older Hawaii feel and local residents enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle most of the southern portion of the island thrives on. Learn more about Haleiwa Town.


The town of Waialua stretches from Haleiwa out west to Kaena Point, the farthest western point of Oahu. The style of homes in Waialua are mostly beach cottage style with a lot of the homes being built before the year 2000. The proximity of Waialua to Schofield Barracks will provide a commute of approximately 30 minutes. 


If you would like to learn more about about Hawaii you can visit the official website here

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