Is Hawaii A Good Place To Raise A Family?

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1. Outdoor Lifestyle

The outdoor activities and lifestyle is something that my family and I absolutely love. We love being outside in the sun. There's plenty to do outside in Hawaii.


From your typical sports, water sports like paddling, hiking, surfing, relaxing on the beach and so much more. There are hikes that are catered towards families such as Makapu’u Lighthouse and Diamond Head Crater Trail. Makapu’u lighthouse trail is located in Hawaii Kai. The trail is mostly paved the entire way up in a zig zag fashion. 


Always do your own due diligence before hiking. You can learn more about hiking in Hawaii with AllTrails ( It’s a great site that ranks every hike by difficulty and skill level. 

One of our favorite family things to do is travel to Ko’Olina beach lagoons where the ocean water is mostly barricaded in a lagoon fashion. The rock barricade keeps from big waves crashing in and keeps the water calm and flat like a pool. 


2. Laid Back Lifestyle

If you haven’t heard by now, Hawaii has an amazingly laid back lifestyle. Sayings in Hawaii that relay that message are “hang loose” and “no worries”. Both of which mean “it’s all good”. 


Hawaii has a chill vibe to it and this rubs off on the keiki (kids) as well. Why is this a good thing?


From my perspective, this shows the kids,'ll be okay. No matter what the issue is, we can remain calm, relaxed and get through it together. Now I can understand that some of you may think it could rub off as being lazy because they aren’t in a rush. Think of it as your kids being less stressed out about things. We don’t want our kids stressed and most importantly we want to see them happy!


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3. Diverse Culture

Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures. Parents wanting to raise their family in Hawaii come from all over the world because they see it as a great place to raise a family. 


As someone who grew up in Hawaii and a parent raising my family in Hawaii, I am forever grateful to have experienced so many different cultures. I want my keiki to experience the same. 


According to World Population Review ( Hawaii is predominantly Asian at approximately 37%. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and closer to Asian countries also brings a lot of tourism from that side of the world. Click the link in this paragraph to head to their website and learn more about the demographics of in 2021. 

If you have any questions if hawaii is a good place to raise your family don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to answer any questions you may have. 

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4. Hawaii’s Youth Sports

If your family is interested in playing sports then you’re going to love living in Hawaii! There are so many youth sports offered in the islands. It also helps being in a tropical environment where typical the weather does not play a factor in whether or not your child is going to practice or gameday.


To name a few sports that get more attention than others in Hawaii...swimming, surfing, football (American), futbol (soccer), baseball, golf, and  jiu-jitsu. Notice how many of those are outdoor sports? 


Professional players such as Marcus Mariota (NFL), Tua Tagovailoa (NFL), Michelle Wie (LPGA), BJ Penn (UFC), Kolten Wong (MLB), have all come from youth sports in Hawaii.


I9 sports is a popular league for parents who are looking to see if their kids are interested at a young age. I9 is great at teaching them the game and good sportsmanship. Learn more about i9 sports here

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5. Hawaii’s Ranked One Of The Happiest Places To Live

What is more important to us than our kids happiness? Okay, okay. Safety is a tie with happiness but we all want to see our keiki safe and happy. What better place to do that than Hawaii?


Hawaii is ranked in the top 10 as far as best places to live or happiest places to live in the United States. In a USA Today article (​​\ ranking The 50 Happiest Cities To Live In The United States, Hawaii ranks in the top 10! 


As previously mentioned, there is less stress, more vitamin D and sea, and tons of family friendly activities to get into. 

Moving To Hawaii With Your Family?

Is Hawaii a good place to raise a family? I hope we have helped ease your mind with this topic.

If you have any questions if Hawaii is a good place to raise your family don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

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